The Story

The Story

I started my career working at Deutsche Bank then later at PwC where I qualified as a Chartered Accountant working across Wealth Management and Financial Restructuring. My life was all falling into place until 07 May 2015. I had no idea that from that day on, my life and future would change forever. 

It was on this day that my father left for a business trip overseas and never returned. He was murdered and my whole world turned upside down. At age 23 I found myself leading an international murder investigation, liaising with government authorities and fighting in court for justice. This continues today. 

Due to my life story being spread across the media, it encouraged a wave of colleagues & friends of all industries to share their own tragic, personal challenges with me. Stories they weren’t prepared to openly discuss in the workplace. I soon realised that we all have a story. If only more leaders took the time to listen, show empathy, support and be emotionally connected they would get so much more from their teams. This realisation gave me the courage to launch TLC Lions. Lion being mine and my father’s middle name – it reflects the courage of our speakers who share their stories and are not afraid to show their vulnerabilities.

I’m on a mission to make workplaces more emotionally inviting, places where you feel safe, trust those around you, where teams feel more like second families, our leaders more like village elders with everyone’s best interest at heart alongside the prosperity of their village/company.

Through our speakers (Lions) we are helping to rewrite the blueprint of corporate leadership styles and working environments through storytelling with a difference. Influencing companies to do more and allow employees to speak up in difficult times and focus on their wellbeing and happiness. It’s not only the right thing to do but it’s a business imperative and directly links to individual and business productivity. 

I’m proud to say that since we launched we have supported over 200 organisations and reached more than 900,000 people across the world. This is only the beginning.

Gian Singh Power

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