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Our Services

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TLC Lions partner with companies to create more empathetic, inclusive and productive workplaces. We have designed three unique Series to help you achieve this based on our knowledge from supporting over 200 multinational organisations globally. Each Series shares the real-life stories of our carefully selected Lions (storytellers) – all of whom are ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Through sharing their journeys, challenges and practical tips, our Lions bring the human back into the workplace and empower your employees to share their own stories with confidence. We understand everyone learns differently and every organisation has their own distinctive strategy. That is why all of our work is tailored to your industry, challenges and strategy. Each Series brings topics to life in two ways:



Topics covered in this series include: LGBT+, Gender equality, Disability, Neurodiversity, Race & Ethnicity, Veterans and more.


Topics covered in this series include: Managing Mental Health, Overcoming Depression, Building Resilience, Suicide Prevention, Stress Management, Self-Care Tips and more.


Topics covered in this series include: Leadership Skills, Managing Change, Performance Management, Imposter Syndrome, People Skills and more.

Your Unique Series

We understand that every organisation is unique and requires a tailored approach. The TLC Lions team provides flexibility and a customised approach to ensure we bring your organisation’s strategy to life and each session feels relatable for your employees. Examples include merging elements of the Inclusion & Mental Health series together to ensure it’s fitting for your employees and current focus areas. Looking to host a one off event or access our online content? Not a problem and our team are happy to share the options with you. Get in touch today and let us bring the power of storytelling to your organisation. In addition, if you would like to purchase only the online series or book our Lions for speaker events alone, please do get in touch with us. We will always do our best to support you whichever way we can.


The Inclusion Series will help you champion and promote inclusive behaviours and allyship within your organisation and overcome challenges such as unconscious bias and employees’ understanding of diversity. This series aims to create a sense of belonging for every employee. Topics covered in this series are: LGBT+, Gender Equality, Disability, Neurodiversity, Race & Ethnicity, Veterans. Key Lions (speakers) in this series include: Mary Daniels, Matt Lindley, Anusha Nirmalananthan. Online content includes the stories of: Belton Flournoy, Jacqui Gavin, Michael Newton. Suggested dates for implementation: Black History Month, Pride Month, International Day of Persons with Disability, National Inclusion Week.


The Mental Health Series will support your organisation with breaking down the stigma attached to mental health, encourage open conversation about the subject amongst employees and showcase the mental health support on offer within your company. Topics covered in this series are: Overcoming Depression, Breaking Down Stigmas, Anxiety, Dealing With Grief, Suicide Prevention, Stress, Resilience, Self-care Tips, Managing Mental Health. Key Lions (speakers) in this series include: Kevin Hines, Victoria Milligan, Gian Power, Geoff McDonald. Online content includes the stories of: Jonny Benjamin MBE, Petra Velzeboer, Jeremy Connick, Lis Cashin. Suggested dates for implementation: World Mental Health Day, World Suicide Prevention Day, Mental Health Awareness Week.


The Talent Development Series will support the integration and development of your organisation’s talent at every stage of their career - from interns and graduates to senior leaders. This series aims to also increase your retention and productivity levels amongst employees. Topics covered in this series are: Leadership Skills, Managing Change, Performance Management, Imposter Syndrome, People Skills. Key Lions (speakers) in this series include: Dr Kamel Hothi OBE, Geoff McDonald, Suresh Raj, Jeremy Connick. Online content: All episodes featured in the Online Content include our corporate landing messages which are focussed on the learning and development of employees. These include topics such as leadership skills, managing teams, imposter syndrome and courage. The Talent Development Series can be used alongside or integrated into your talent development initiatives, manager training or as part of leadership away days.

Our Process


1 - Understanding your Needs

One of our TLC Lions Partnerships Managers will arrange a meeting to understand your organisation’s unique strategy around Inclusion, Mental Health and/or Talent Development and bring our support to life.


2 - Recommending your Series

Following the initial meeting, your Partnerships Manager will work with our strategy team to tailor and recommend one or more of our three Series to address your specific needs and challenges.


3 - A Strategic Conversation

Once approved, our Operations and Strategy Team will arrange a strategic meeting to advise on the best way to roll out your tailored Series. This includes ideas for employee engagement and sharing best practices from other industries.


4 - Our Tailored Approach

Your chosen Lions (speakers) will be coached ahead of each speaker event so their messaging, content and delivery addresses your organisation’s specific objectives. Our advisory members include members of Harvard & MIT who share their expertise to ensure our speakers bring the latest knowledge and developments to their sessions.


5 - Measuring the Impact

After every speaker event and content transfer, a feedback meeting and survey is arranged to quality check and ensure your specific needs and challenges are being addressed. Feedback is everything. Following each speaker session or content transfer, we pause, reflect and implement any changes for you. We provide quantitative and qualitative feedback in our expertly designed surveys on the impact at your organisation.

The Power of Storytelling

Stories have the power to influence, inspire, teach and strengthen social bonds that is why they have been used to pass wisdom for almost as long as humans have been around. There is endless scientific research outlining the power of storytelling to ignite emotion, build empathy and evoke change seeking behaviours in employees. At TLC Lions we take pride in using a storytelling approach to land and embed some of the most important messages for your organisation and its success.   


More Memorable

Stories are 22x more memorable than facts.(Stanford University)


Increased Empathy

Storytelling releases oxytocin in the brain i.e. the empathy hormone which helps people bond. (Harvard Business Review)


Rise in Productivity

78% of employees said they’d be more productive if they received more empathy at work. (Businessolver Survey)

Case Study

Novartis is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland. They have approximately 108,000 associates based in 140+ countries.

We are working closely with their Global People Health team to embed Novartis’s values and commitment to mental wellbeing for their global associates. They chose Series 1 with 4 speakers and licensed the online content for 12 months, subtitled in all 8 languages. Each speaker session has been led by a different Lion and tailored to include Novartis’s key values, which are to inspire, spark curiosity and promote equality amongst their associates.

The events have all been virtual due to COVID but the formats have varied. For example, the first event was only for their leaders and the format was a fireside chat with one of our Lions (speakers). The second event was for all their global employees as part of their Curiosity Month. This session was divided into two parts, first, the Lion (speaker) shared his story which was then followed by a Q&A. ,