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Why our series?

The TLC Lions Online Learning Series is a powerful collection of bitesize videos supporting employees through the stories of our TLC Lions wrapped up with practical tips and key business messages. Created alongside over 30 of our largest multinational clients – this 12 month programme includes access to Serie One and Series Two. Each Series aims to share lessons of topics such as resilience, mental health, confidence and communication. The content is easily integrated into your internal systems and encourages employees to speak up and feel supported.

Our Lions highlight the important parallels between their stories and everyday problems we might face and how to overcome them.

Series One is now available bringing to life the stories of the incredible TLC Lions-  Jonny Benjamin MBE, Victoria Milligan, George Bullard, Lis Cashin and Belton Flournoy wrapped up with key business messages from Dr Kamel Hothi OBE.

Series Two is included and available in July sharing the stories of TLC Lions Gian Power, Jacqui Gavin, Jeremy Connick, Petra Velzeboer and Matt Lindley.

Remote Learning

Our Series embraces technology to support employees anywhere in the world. Education & Inspiration at the click of a button.

Support Employees

Each Series ignites empathy and emotion alongside practical tips for employees of all grades to take away into their work lives.

Business Focus

We've infused stories of Wellbeing & Inclusion with key workplace topics such as confidence, leadership, purpose and empathy in teams.

“There has been overwhelming positive feedback with many of our employees around the world expressing their enjoyment of the sessions, finding them informative, inspiring and motivational. ”
Global Inclusion & Diversity Manager

Some of the Lions included are:

Jonny Benjamin MBE

Jonny's journey began in 2008 when a stranger talked him out of taking his own life on the edge of Waterloo Bridge. Jonny's story is one of hope and recovery. In the series he speaks openly about his experience, his ongoing battle with schizoaffective disorder, coming to terms with being gay and his renowned work within mental health. With his practical tips, Jonny aims to break the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Victoria Milligan

In May 2013 Victoria, her husband Nicko and their 4 children were involved in a speed boat accident which took the lives of Nicko and her 8 year old daughter Emily. Victoria takes the audience on a journey of resilience and growth in light of adversity. Victoria’s sheer determination to overcome her traumatic experiences allowed her to find techniques that grew her inner strength, positivity and appreciation of life.

George Bullard

George Bullard is a world record-breaking explorer and endurance athlete but this all changed on an expedition in 2011 that George will never forget. George takes the audience on a journey of finding purpose and passion in life. George’s style of leadership was tested when crisis struck and he highlights the importance of taking control of a situation, adapting your style of leadership and comforting your team.

Belton Flournoy

Belton’s story is one that clearly demonstrates that attitude is everything going from college drop-out to a senior director in the city today. Belton talks openly about his challenges of being black and gay in a society that was not accepting. His story touches on the importance of promoting inclusion in workplaces, overcoming imposter syndrome and developing determination to succeed when challenges hit.

Lis Cashin

Lis Cashin is a best-selling author, TEDx speaker and mental health consultant who shares her story of a major trauma that she experienced when she accidentally killed a friend during a sports day event at 13 years old. Lis acknowledges how her destructive behaviours were a mask for her inner shame. Lis talks about the importance of kindness, building trust and how to prioritise the mental health of ourselves and others.

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