Victoria Milligan

Victoria’s story is a tragic one but it is also one of hope and the strength of the human survival instinct. In May 2013 Victoria, her husband Nicko and their 4 children were involved in a speed boat accident which took the lives of Nicko and her 8 year old daughter Emily.  Victoria also lost her lower left leg.

She details how her everyday worries had gone from what to cook the kids for dinner, are they going to be late for their swimming lesson etc to will her son keep his leg, how will her children grow up without a father, the challenges of learning to walk on a prosthetic limb.  These are real worries that allowed her to put everything else into perspective.

None of us know how strong we are until we are truly tested, but Victoria believes that we all have the power to overcome whatever life throws at us. However, it is not easy and we need tools, strategy and inspiration to thrive against the odds. She understands the importance of developing resilience in this ever-changing world, accepting where we are and then adapting to the normal. 

Victoria, a TEDx speaker has also written articles for various newspapers and magazines, including The Sunday Times, Style Magazine, The Times, The Daily Mail, Good Housekeeping, You magazine.

Victoria, is a strong, positive and empathetic lady, who has been through the unimaginable and understands the tools and strategies that are needed to navigate life’s challenges and stresses. Victoria’s courage and bravery, in light of what she has lost, will continue to inspire anyone to face their challenges head-on and not hide away from their emotions.

– Resilience in the face of adversity

– Happiness, what makes us happy?

– Disability and body image

– Physical and mental wellbeing

– Gender equality

“We were so honoured to have Victoria speak at the SheerLuxe Wellness Day and her honest account captivated the audience from start to finish. She is not only a remarkable woman and a true inspiration for dealing with life (whatever it may throw at you) but also a talented public speaker.”



“Victoria’s talk at the first TEDxTruro event was the stand out session of the day. This is also reflected in the 20,000+ views her talk has received on YouTube since the event. Her powerful story and the compelling way she delivered it was moving and inspiring in equal measure. Everyone I spoke to after she gave her talk said how motivated they were to seize the moment and make the most of every day. That is a wonderful gift to be able to share.”


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