Suresh Raj

Suresh is the Chief Business Development Officer at Blue Impact in New York. He has over 20 years experience in the marketing communications industry and worked for a number of renowned marketing agencies including Ogilvy where he was the worldwide Chief Business Development Officer.

Raised in Malaysia to Christian/Muslim parents, Suresh is of Middle Eastern / Asian descent. He sits in the intersectionality of being a person of colour, LGBTQ+ and of a multicultural background. Having faced discrimination throughout his life today, Suresh is one of the most vocal proponents of diversity, inclusion and equality in and outside the communications industry. 

Suresh serves as a senior counsel for Vision7 International’s diversity, inclusion and equality effort. He is a founding member of The Collective, which includes senior LGBTQ+ leaders from across the private sector, government/politics and NGOs; global mentor for INvolve; an inaugural member of McKinsey’s The Alliance, a global network of senior LGBTQ+ leaders. In July 2020, Suresh hosted and moderated a conversation with the American author, historian, and scholar of race and discriminatory policy in America, Dr. Ibram X. Kendi discussing the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and the current challenges in racism across multiple countries.

Suresh’s recognitions include being named to two prominent global lists – (1) Financial Times’ – Top 100 Ethnic Minority Executive Leaders and (2) Yahoo! – the Top 100 LGBTQ+ Executive Leaders for the last five consecutive years. In 2019 Suresh was invited to chair a conversation on humanity and race at the TED 2019 conference.

Suresh is spearheading cultural change in the workplace by actively encouraging recruitment and inclusion of senior talent from minority backgrounds. Outside work, he is also an Executive Sponsor for numerous networks focused on the personal and professional development of Black, Asian and Latin communities.

Photo by TED 2019 (Vancouver 2019)




– Overcoming obstacles

– Intersectionality – being of Middle Eastern / Asian descent and gay

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