Steven Dowd

As an ordinary City worker, Steven Dowd spent 15 years as a financial services headhunter and Head of Asset Management for EMEA at global banking group BNY Mellon. He was enjoying the ride until a freak cycling accident changed his world in a split second leaving him paralysed from the neck down.

His prognosis was bleak. Just days after an experimental intervention and using a promise to his wife as daily motivation he set about an intense against-all-odds recovery that can only be described as epic. Despite devastating injury his greatest achievement was yet to come.

Steven shares a brutally honest account of the highs and lows but most importantly the lessons learned from his journey. In a highly relatable account he gives insight into how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things, his thoughts on developing personal and group resilience, the need for ambitious goals and the importance of reframing to focus on the little ‘big wins’ at each step.

“There’s no hierarchy around challenge. We will all face our biggest challenges at home or in work at some point. The good news is you don’t need to break your neck to learn a thing or two beforehand that just might help”, he says.

Steven is now an enthusiastic ambassador and fundraiser for spinal cord injury charity Wings for Life, Founder of #200DaysChallenge and inspired the 100% Challenge series of events. He’s also firmly back in the boardroom as CoFounder of staffing tech platform, gigl.

Steven’s top tip: “Wherever you are be 100% there, but give all the important parts of your life that privilege”

– Tackling Your Challenge 

– Forced Change & Handling Crisis 

– Planning for Resilience 

“As a valued friend of Wings for Life, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Steven speak many times at various events. Steven shares his story with impact, and his delivery is both inspiring and thought-provoking. What would you do if you were told you’d never walk again? I would recommend Steven to anyone as he demonstrates not only how to overcome great adversity, but also how to positively respond to circumstances and help others.”

-CEO | Wings for Life
“Steven Dowd is an inspiring and engaging speaker who has fantastic business acumen and a personal story of going from being paralysed to achieving goals that most able bodied people could not achieve. I could not recommend him highly enough as a guest inspirational speaker.”
-CEO | Rugby Business Network

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