Samantha Nelson

Samantha is an Offshore Installation Manager at Shell, a leading supermajor in the Oil & Gas industry. Prior to Shell, Samantha worked in a male-dominated environment as a Vice President of Risk Engineering in the Global Energy Practice of Marsh (MMC). She has over 20 years experience in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry during which time she transitioned. 

With her passion for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity her influence now stretches far beyond MMC and indeed the UK.  She is visible and engaged every day in living her truth and trying to bring positivity and acceptance to the world. Samantha has shared her messages globally including in places and cultures where rights and openness aren’t as advanced as they are in the UK. As a TLC Lion she shares her own personal story in an honest and emotive way, constantly relating her experiences and learnings back to the corporate environment.

With her work recognised around the world, Samantha remains extremely professional, proactive and motivated. She is passionate about creating an environment where all people are valued for their diversity, authenticity and journey. With humour, honesty and openness Samantha’s sessions highlight the importance of understanding your colleagues and employees.

– Creating inclusive places to work

– Being Trans

– Social mobility 

– Leadership

– Involving Allies in discussion

“Samantha was absolutely fantastic in humanising the importance of D&I and the benefits of bringing our whole selves to work.”

-Group COO & Group General Council | Fidelis Insurance


“Samantha’s compelling personal story, and the engaging way she presents it, is a living model of the value of having the courage to be your authentic self. Her continuing ability to pursue a career in such a traditionally male industry is proof of that.”

-Head of Corporate Data Strategy Integration | AIG


“Thanks again for today. Was fascinating to hear your story and to get your advice on what we should be doing here at GC. Thanks for answering all the questions and I am glad that people did have lots of questions.”

-Senior Vice President | Guy Carpenter

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