Matt Lindley

Matt Lindley is an airline and ex RAF Royal Squadron Pilot. He shares his story of being one of the first openly gay pilots in the armed forces, a story of self-motivation, determination and drive which led to his dream of joining the RAF fulfilled. Matt graduated with a degree in commerce from the University of Birmingham. In 1995 he was selected to be a pilot in the Royal Air Force. Matt was one of the first openly gay pilots in the RAF, with his childhood dream of joining almost being crushed by the ban on gay personnel joining the forces.

He describes how the RAF adapted its culture from one of hostility towards gay personnel to acceptance and support, using his experience to highlight the benefits of transformational inclusive leadership and positive cultural change to the well-being of employees and the productivity of an organisation. In 2000 he was selected to fly Her Majesty The Queen, members of the Royal Family and Government officials worldwide, serving on The Royal Squadron. He flew missions in the Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. In 2007 Matt left the Service to become a commercial airline pilot and flies the Boeing 747 to world wide destinations.

– Inclusion & Impact on performance

– Leadership & Teamwork

– Being the Real You at work

– LGBT+ in the workplace

– Risk Management 

– Empathetic skills 

– Stress: Wellbeing & Performance at work 

“His talk was hugely powerful and emotional, but more importantly, it was based on real-life practicalities that we can all take forward into the legal workplace to help make a difference to those people around us.”

-Engagement and Inclusion Manager | RPC Law

“You were incredibly genuine and honest which meant I felt I was going on your journey. It helped me think about people I know personally and question how their leaders and work culture may have impacted them. I left feeling a real responsibility to ensure I looked out for any obstacles, so people to feel secure, valued and respected for being themselves.”

-Director of Inclusion | The Co-operative Bank

“He was able to thread into this [his talk] the impact that sustained stress and stressful events can have on your performance and if left unchecked the catastrophic outcomes that can result. It also served as a reminder that each and everyone one of us faces stress and stressful situations everyday whether it be about being LGBT, a difficult family situations, illness the list goes on and reminded me how embracing diversity and being supportive of each other is beneficial to our overall well-being.”

-MD of Global Client Change | Royal Bank of Canada

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