Mary Daniels

Aged 24, Mary found herself on the side of Tower Bridge in London, with her baby in her arms, ready to jump. It was bizarrely one of the most peaceful moments of her life. Mary shares her story of the incredible events that led her to that point and the incredible determination she showed in turning her life around. Mary is passionate about helping young people have the best start in life, and has dedicated herself to coaching and helping others.

Born into a Ghanaian family, Mary was fostered at three weeks old by a white British family. She shares her experiences as a member of the BAME community in London and the impact this has on her work today.

For over 20 years, Mary has coached and worked with individuals, entrepreneurs, social enterprises, CEOs and thousands of young people. As a TLC Lion, Mary brings to life conscious leadership, Women in leadership, resilience and the importance of ‘Knowing yourself’

Described by Princess Badiya of Jordan as a “Very inspiring lady,” Mary’s infectious laugh, down to earth style and resilience make makes her a fantastic role model.

– Race & Ethnicity 

– Discovering who you really are

– Mental Health & Wellbeing

– Inclusion & Diversity 

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