Manisha Tailor MBE

Manisha Tailor MBE is a former primary school teacher turned entrepreneur who launched a company that uses football and education to help those with mental health problems integrate within our society. Today, Manisha’s passion for sport and helping others continues as she works for Queens Park Rangers (QPR) in the Boys Academy. Manisha also coaches in the Foundation and Youth Development Phases at the club.

Manisha grew up with her twin brother and the love of football. At the age of 18, her twin was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a result of long term torment and bullying. She became a young carer with the blink of an eye. 20 years on, he requires 1:1 care and has not communicated verbally for almost 15 years. This became her driving force for wanting to create change.

Her advocacy for addressing mental health has transpired into schools through ‘Child in Mind’ which helps children generate discussion around our feelings, coping strategies and resilience. Ensuring there is a level playing field for women and girls, those from ethnic minority groups as well as those struggling with their mental health is at the heart of her mission.

Manisha was awarded an MBE in 2017 for ‘Services to Football and Diversity in Sport’.

With TLC Lions, Manisha helps generate discussion around mental health, empower others to help eradicate taboo and become change-makers.

– Mental Health & Schizophrenia

– Carers & Families

– BAME Community 

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