Lis Cashin

Lis Cashin is a best-selling author, TEDx speaker and mental health consultant and trainer. She speaks openly about having overcome a major traumatic event she experienced as a teenager.

Brought up in an emotionally abusive home environment, when just 13 years old Lis was involved in a tragic accident at school in which she accidentally killed a friend in a school sports day event.

She was given no support in process the event and struggled to overcome tremendous feelings of guilt and shame which led her down a path of self hatred and destruction for many years.

In her twenties her life was spiralling out of control; drugs began to impact her work life and increasingly destructive relationships threatened to break her. One day on a night out with friends she crashed into a black taxi that was coming the wrong way out of a one way street.

An extended trip overseas led her to change the way she viewed herself, the accident and life. She become determined to share with others the insights that helped her turn her own life around.

Lis is passionate about changing stigma around mental health and wellbeing, especially with relation to the workplace.

– Building mentally healthy cultures

– Mental health in the workplace

– Mental wellbeing

– Building a mindset for overcoming adversity

“I was really enlightened at your talk last night.  I’m a very black and white person, and have to work hard to see the grey, and you personified why it’s really important to look for the grey, or the things that are usually unsaid.  I think most in the room had their own story, but you were a glowing testimony that everyone can make a choice, and when they do, they’re a
powerful force to be reckoned with.”

-CCO | GLH Hotels


“Lis came into Just Eat on World Mental Health Day with a focus on breaking down the barriers around talking about mental health. The sessions were awesome and extremely well received in the business. She’s down to earth and a really great speaker – we’d have her back in a heartbeat.”

-Global Culture and Inclusion Partner | Just Eat


“Each time I thought ‘THIS is my learning point’ the next wow moment lined up. I’ve had a busy afternoon back at work and have stopped and reflected a number of times. It has given me food for thought when considering a particular challenge that I got from a member of staff today. Thank you!”

-Divisional Operations Manager | Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd

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