Kiko Matthews

Kiko Matthews, teacher come adventurer and entrepreneur overcame her second pituitary tumour and disease in August 2017. Less than 7 months later she became a world record holder.

In 2009, Kiko could barely walk up the stairs unaided and nearly died of the same tumour and disease. Cushings Disease, a rare and life-threatening condition which causes tumours on the pituitary gland – the gland that controls the body’s hormone production.

In March 2018 Kiko broke the world record becoming the fastest woman to row solo and unsupported across the Atlantic – 6 months after brain surgery and only 16 months after learning to row.

Kiko had always been motivated by challenge and adventure and in narrowly avoiding death, Kiko got incredibly clear on how she wanted to spend the rest of her life. She wanted to live a life of purpose. Doing things that helped people and planet and challenging herself as she did.

Kiko talks of where and how she developed her resilience and how to build it yourself – she’s also developed her very own ‘Kikonomics’. A sense of humour and honesty, Kiko can hold an audience of 5 year olds through to company executives, sharing her personal and professional stories of resilience, how she coped as well as some hidden stories that couldn’t be written. Don’t forget to ask where her name comes from!

– World Record Holder

– Overcoming adversity 

– Women supporting each other

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