Gian Power

Gian Power ACA set up his first business aged 13 and later worked at Deutsche Bank and PwC and witnessed first-hand some of the wellbeing & inclusion issues that need to be tackled in the corporate world.

In 2015, an unexpected family tragedy changed Gian’s life forever. When returning back to work, Gian saw the power of being able to share his emotions and being his full self at work. Recognising that everyone has a story, he wanted to encourage others to share and saw the power of storytelling.

His experiences and inner resilience sparked his passion for prioritising wellbeing and inclusion in the workplace. Gian is the founder of TLC Lions and The Unwind Experience and is passionate about igniting emotion in the workplace, encouraging others to share and be themselves at work.

Gian’s work has been featured globally in 57 countries recently in The Independent, Business Insider and BBC1. Nationally, Gian is supported by Westminster and hosts his own round tables in the House of Lords to further the agenda alongside the UK Government – stressing the importance of inclusion and wellbeing in the work place. 

– Wellbeing in the workplace

– Creating emotionally engaged workforces

– Mental health (self-care and in teams)

– Resilience and thriving in uncertain times

“Gian was an absolutely excellent choice of speaker: really engaging, timely and most importantly very thought provoking”



“We have received nothing but very positive feedback from today with some saying it was the best speaker event we have ever had & many were emotionally moved by your story”



“Gian is an amazing influencer and speaker! We worked with TLC Lions and by looking at the exact needs for our event, Gian found he was the best option for us. He worked closely with us on the run up to the event to ensure all of our key points were covered in the speech and then delivered them perfectly on the two dates we ran the programme. Lots of our clients attending the event have mentioned they would love to work with TLC Lions moving forward too! Highly recommended” 



“You really are an inspiration – creating the wake up call that most know they need but never feel confident to make”

-BMS Group

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