Danny Rahim

Danny was born in the UK to parents of Irish and Pakistani decent. He has been an Actor for over a decade and has starred in a number of TV shows including Eastenders, DCI Banks, Primeval, Vera and Citizen Khan.

At thirteen his mother was diagnosed with bi-polar and years later, after a series of unfortunate events, Danny attempted to take his own life.

Danny speaks openly about his personal experience around mental health, and hopes that by sharing this he can enable others to manage their own health and well-being when faced with difficult or challenging circumstances.

Having lived as a carer for a number of years, Danny is passionate about helping individuals develop and maintain the healthy habits to protect themselves when dealing with the pressures of everyday life.

His experience in the public eye has made him very aware of the positive and negative impacts of self-promotion, publicity and social media.

He is passionate about mental health and removing the stigma attached to it.

– Suicide prevention

– Mental health in the workplace

– Life as a carer

– Roleplay workshops

“Danny instantly captured our learner’s attention and was forthcoming with his experience of mental health. Danny’s presentation was motivational, informative whilst remaining sensitive for our learners and he ensured he spoke with all our learners making them feel valued. His enthusiasm and personable character left a lasting impression. Thank you Danny.”

-Bluebird House

“Encouraging, honest and inspiring. Danny’s story is captivating as he openly shares the difficulties that impacted on his mental health, despite how great things may have appeared on the outside. He was comfortable being vulnerable and his story portrays a very real and relatable experience of mental health difficulties that we may all face at some time or another. Danny’s presentation offers a new hope that recovery is possible.”

-Exeter University

“Danny’s story is one of hope and optimism yet exemplifies the challenges he faced and how he overcame them.  His sincere, articulate delivery connected with the students and gave them the space to talk about these issues in the future. Highly recommended and I would be willing to talk to anyone else who is considering inviting them to speak.”

-Head of Esher College

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