Cathy Brown

After her birth Cathy was put into Catholic Care orphanage until she was chosen by her adoptive parents, who took her to Durham. She was raised in Lanchester, Durham until she left home to study photography at eighteen for four years and to escape an abusive relationship, she then moved to London to pursue her photographic career.

Soon after moving South she began Kickboxing as a hobby she was so good that after just three months her trainer suggested that she entered her first competition. She was hooked immediately and proved to be a natural and was undefeated in twenty five fights, winning two British Titles.

She switched codes to take up boxing professionally. She loved the sport’s fierce competition and its tough training. Within a year she had won the European Flyweight Title, and after ten years and twenty one Professional fights, she became the first ever British female to win a Professional English Title in sporting history and became ranked number three in the World within the Flyweight division. She encountered intense sexism whilst trying to be the best in the World and she says her biggest fight was outside the ring trying to get into the ring but it gave her even more determination to follow her dream.

– Sexual abuse & harassment

– Gender & sexism

– Sport & Boxing

– Mental strength & Resilience 

“Yesterday I listened to the most moving speech, from Cathy Brown, ex professional boxer, who came to BCG Digital Ventures to share her incredible personal story on how boxing and resilience helped her fight life challenges. I highly recommend her for a talk about mental health in relation to sport. Thank you Cathy for sharing your story, I could feel each word you said.”

-Learning and Development Lead | BCG Digital Ventures


“She’s a highly engaging speaker, clearly passionate about every aspect of boxing. Even though I had never tried boxing before, I related to a lot of what she was saying and was tempted enough to try it. Cathy’s enthusiasm knows no boundaries; she encourages people to follow their dreams in a safe and empowering way.”

-Sales Enablement Manager | O2


“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with Cathy Brown. Hearing her story has inspired me so much. Her trials and tribulations right from the outset, the opposition that she faced against something that she loved and believed in. She’s come such a long way from such a low point. Phenomenal. It was that inspiring that as I result of meeting her, I have started taking swimming lessons this week for the first time in 42 years.”

-Business Planning Manager | Telefonica

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