Anusha Nirmalananthan

Anusha has worked in the tech industry for over 10 years between the UK and San Francisco and is Head of Growth Data & AI at Just Eat and the former Head of Product at eBay.

As an Asian woman in the world of tech, Anusha has faced her own challenges and now supports others who are following in her footsteps. She has a Computer Science degree from Queens’ College, Cambridge University where she joined as one of only three females on her course.

What people don’t see is the invisible illness that Anusha battles with on a daily basis and will live with forever. Anusha has a chronic pain condition throughout her body called Fibromyalgia.

Being afraid of how others would react and what it could mean for her career, Anusha shares her story of living with an illness that nobody else can see and how she finally found the courage to share what she was really going through.

Anusha shares the importance of why we have to support others who are facing illnesses in the workplace, what we can do as leaders to create a culture that encourages people to talk about illness and disability and her practical tips around the subject.

– Disability in the workplace

– Gender & BAME

– Women in Tech / STEM

– Leadership & Line Managers

– How to have difficult conversations 

“It’s safe to say that the audience was completely captivated by Anusha’s story and her willingness to be so open and honest about her own experiences. Anusha’s eloquence, calm and considered perspectives and her openness are her superpowers and we loved every minute. Thanks so much again for being a fantastic part our panel!”

-Consultant | Kin&Co

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