Alexandra Kutas

Alexandra Kutas is the world’s first runway model in a wheelchair, Ukraine’s first fashion model with a disability and an entrepreneur. Due to the doctor’s mistake at birth, Alexandra suffered a spinal cord injury and has been using a wheelchair from an early age. She has worked to support disability and mental health awareness in Ukraine and overseas.

Alexandra demonstrates how the ability to take risks and not let anyone or anything define what you are capable of can trailblaze a change in this world. She has received recognition from The Huffington Post; China Central Television; Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and America’s most popular public radio station, WNYC.

Kutas has appeared on catwalks across 3 different continents. News about her first runway show in Kyiv was featured in more than 60 countries around the world. Recently she was recognised by the Kyiv Post Top 30 Under 30 award and the Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation presented by the President of Taiwan.

At the same time her early 20s, she saw the price of neglecting mental health in her own family and the effects of keeping things internalised for too long.

In 2018, Alexandra took the leap and moved to London on a mission to challenge industries around inclusion and wellbeing in the workplace through TLC Lions. She has been breaking down stereotypes but unfortunately, there is still a long way to go. Alexandra’s ultimate goal is a world of equal opportunities where people are seen through their professionalism, drive and humanity, but not something which was given without choice.

With TLC Lions, Alexandra’s story of mental and physical health is brought to life to ensure we create workplaces that cater for all and allow employees to thrive.

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“It was fascinating to hear Alexandra’s story, our audience was completely engaged.”

-Lewis Silkin LLP

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