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Gian Power previously worked at Deutsche Bank and PwC and witnessed first-hand some of the Diversity & Inclusion issues that need to be tackled in the corporate world. Importantly he saw the need to create a more emotionally engaged work place.

Recognising that everyone has a story, he wanted to encourage others to share and saw the power of storytelling.
In 2015 aged 23, an unexpected family tragedy left Gian leading a murder investigation across two continents. 2016 turned into a year of media interviews, police investigations and endless meetings with government bodies.

When returning back to work, Gian saw the power of being able to share his emotions and being his full self at work. His experiences and inner resilience sparked his passion for creating change. Gian is the founder of TLC Lions, a collective of ordinary people with extraordinary stories. In these powerful, personal and emotive sessions, the Lions (speakers) share stories from the heart that build empathy and understanding in the audience.

Now supporting some of the largest companies globally, Gian is disrupting the traditional speaking scene and revolutionising the way we feel about our emotions in the workplace and beyond. Gian talks about how his own journey to building more emotional leaders in the workplace as well as general wellbeing, how to prevent a breakdown and focus on your own mental health.





Geoff is a Senior Advisor to the Global PR firm Buson-Marsteller and its Purpose Practice. He also consults to organizations in the area of mental health. He is a sought after speaker, speaking on topics such as “the Bipolar world of business – profit and purpose”; “Mental Wellbeing – a competitive advantage”, with the aim of inspiring and provoking organisations to put purpose and wellbeing at the centre of everything they do.

His vision is to “see purposeful companies with purposeful individuals commonplace one day” for the overall benefit of society. He speaks and consults at events and to organisations around the world, including Australasia; Europe; North America; and South Africa; Middle East.

Geoff is a very active campaigner for breaking the stigma associated with Mental Health in the Corporate world and has participated in a number of BBC programmes, as well as writing articles for the Huffington Post, FT and HR related journals. He is also a trustee of the Charity Family Links; the Global Campaign It’s a Penalty- combatting the exploitation of young children around the world.; and an advisor to a Global Mental Health Campaign.

Geoff previously convened a meeting with David Cameron and CEOs from FTSE 100 Companies to address their role and agree actions to break stigma in the corporate world and has provided support to the Royal Foundation (Prince William, Harry and Kate) in their mental health campaigns.

He is married with two girls and loves the outdoors, a passionate cyclist and swimmer and has completed a number of ultra cycling events both on and off road.


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