Igniting Emotion in the Workplace


TLC Lions are creating more emotionally engaged workforces, where employees speak up about their feelings.


Using the power of storytelling, our carefully selected TLC Lions bring important topics to life, igniting emotion  in the audience. 

Why Us?

Understanding your needs

We spend time to get to know you, your company culture and challenges to create a bespoke series of events. We tailor everything we do around you.

Creating your tailored events

Once we've outlined your challenges and goals, we'll suggest the TLC Lions who are best placed to successfully land the appropriate messages.

Measuring Impact

We monitor feedback and ensure we're meeting your objectives and making a positive difference on your journey.


“There has been overwhelming positive feedback with many of our employees around the world expressing their enjoyment of the session, finding it informative, inspiring and motivational”
Global D&I Manager
"TLC Lions worked closely with us in the run up to the event to ensure all of our key points were covered in the speech and then delivered them perfectly. Lots of our clients attending have mentioned they would love to work with TLC Lions. Highly recommended!"
Global Sales Director
“Gian was an absolutely excellent choice of speaker: really engaging, timely and most importantly very thought-provoking”

Head of Programmes

Who do we support?